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Backstory: We inherited this app from our sister company - Prolific Interactive. The My Lawn app from Scotts simplifies your lawn care by creating an easy-to-follow lawn maintenance plan so you know what products to use at the right time. My challenge while working on this project is motivating stakeholders at Scotts to put users as a priority. My Lawn was developed not as an ecommerce app for their products but a tool to help users with their lawn. Since that was the intention and purpose of their app, it feels like stakeholders prioritize business goals thinking they’ve already achieved user needs. As a designer, Finding the balance between meeting business goals and giving users a seamless experience is always my concern.


Katarina Borg | Project Manager

Nadine Razzouk | Product Manager

Role - UI & Interaction Designer

I was the only designer leading UX, ideation, and high fidelity designs.



The point of inception was increasing brand awareness but also catering to users’ needs. So I wanted to understand users’ journey especially that we had inherited the app from our sister company. Customer journey map was an essential step to dive in this project. I started with the point of inception for our users. I was able to highlight a pain point for users based the journey map + user reviews on apps. The point of inception is different for every user. Some users have already purchased their products and are just looking for tips and/or an app that helps set reminders and plan for their lawns.

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my lawn enhancements

When user is looking for product recommendations

When user is looking for product recommendations

When user has bought a bundle and is not looking for recommendations

When user has bought a bundle and is not looking for recommendations

The UI was modified throughout the process. Originally the products would be expanded on the same page but after a few iterations and local usability testing (on colleagues) - they preferred having a different screen for it. And also after a few discussions with stakeholders, I wanted to explore if adding a section where products are categorized by retailers instead of overwhelming them with so many options. But we ditched this idea for technological constraints but we might be exploring that in the future as business stakeholders like the data that we can collect from it.

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Next Steps

The designs did undergo usability testing and users seem to enjoy it. But since this is a recent integration, I am looking to find analytics & reviews to see if users found this helpful not just aligning business goals. I will update this section soon :).

( I am still rooting for a sign up screen after showing app value to the users but stakeholders are still hesitant)

Targeted notifications based on how they’ve signed up are part of the roadmap. If consumer onboarded with certain products, we can target notifications reminding them when to purchase again which would be deeplinked to the site.