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We inherited My Garden app from our sister company. My garden caters for the 21st century gardener. It inspires users with projects and gives step-by-step plans. Client wanted to explore the AR technology on their app.


Katarina Borg | Project Manager

Nadine Razzouk | Product Designer


I worked on UX & UI for this feature discovery.



I started exploring pain points that users might have on the app that might have be solved with AR. I explored what projects require virtual simulation. I ended up looking at raising beds & herb kits which are more costly and require space. I mocked up very quickly the flow of this interaction in relationship to the rest of the app (the yellow elements on the chart below is where I envisioned this feature.

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 9.12.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 10.18.13 PM.png

Because ultimately AR feature is expected to increase average order value - I also worked on screens that users can access from the PDP to locate the nearest store with raised beds & herb kits. I was still hesitant about this feature since the app is not an ecommerce app and I think it would drift the app from its core features. The development work was not worth the gains for our users or stakeholders.


Even though this is not a success case study, I learned that sometimes even when the feature is valid to our stakeholders, it might not make sense to our users or the app. The feature is on hold for now, if ecommerce is something our clients want to explore then we might be going back to this feature.

It was fun exploring a feature and digging into the process only to find that it’s not an ideal experience.