Fun Stuff

I also try to do this on the side

I was intrigued by how people love taking photos at the Apple Store and keeping it there. So I started going to different Apple Store branches and collecting all these images to build a database of it.

The site is currently not working since I need to update the API for the map!



I was experimenting with Arduino and specifically connecting a microphone to twitter, ideally I want it to transcribe what I say into a tweet. But for now this will do I guess


I collaborated with Saint Hoax on this Project, an intervention campaign looking to raise awareness on the $7 billion spent on the 2012 presidential campaign for negative marketing.

This could have reduced homeliness in the U.S by 37% The 2016 campaign expenses are expected to surpass those of 2012.


Metel Ma Shelta is an anti-littering awareness campaign. This campaign was to highlight this serious issue that we face in Lebanon and try to raise awareness regarding it. We thought that using money would attract people to our message, so we left behind fake money on the streets and whenever someone tried to pick it up, it would read as "Just like you picked this up, you can pick up the trash too". 

Designed by Mohamed Olaymi, Lama Shehadeh and myself.