Creative Humans

Reimagining the outsourcing of film production.

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Creative Humans is a New York based start up that aims to facilitate the process of hiring film makers for agencies.

I was working directly with the founder of CH. My work involved Branding Strategy to understand consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments and also UX & UI.

TEAM Nadine Razzouk | End to End Designer



Small businesses to large enterprises find it time consuming to hire filmmakers to turn their ideas into reality. how can we ease their experience?


What I learned was agencies had limited knowledge for film production. This helped flush out features that other competitors don’t have.

Favorites & Hints were an integral features for CH. Agencies can save videos they like and can share them with their filmmaker to better describe their vision. Educational Hints were also added to ease their experience.

What I learned was filmmakers wanted a platform that represents them fairly. This was a challenge because their identity is kept anonymous for CH’s business model.

We strategized a list of questions that are not overwhelming for onboarding but also gives agencies a glimpse of who they really are.