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Creative Humans



Creative Humans is a New York based start up that aims to facilitate the process of hiring film makers for agencies. Creative Humans is a platform that's currently being developed to make the hiring of filmmakers easier. The site will be used by companies that are looking to hire talented filmmakers in a fast, reliable and enjoyable manner. I was responsible in designing the information architecture and responsible in creating features users (both filmmakers + agencies) would be interested in.


Nadine Razzouk | Product Designer


I was Lead UX and UI. I was involved in strategy - honing down on business goals and ensuring all stakeholders’ needs are being met.



small businesses to large enterprises find it time consuming to hire filmmakers to turn their ideas into reality. How can we ease their experience?

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Our filmmakers’ pain points were simple. Since their profiles are a virtual representation of them, this directed to explore deeper what kind of questions we ask them when they sign up. We also wanted to ensure they feel in control on the site - so we divided the dashboard into open for proposals, current projects and completed projects. We also know that their process requires the stakeholders being in the loop so we integrated a messenger functionality to ensure they get feedback by attaching visuals, mood boards, cuts etc..

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When it comes to the client: Time sensitive experience was crucial aspect of their journey. When I started ideating with the Co-Founder of CH - I wanted to focus on ensuring they can browse through portfolio without having to sign up or go through the hassle uploading a brief. Also, since this a new start up company - it was essential to let the users explore the site and browse by category or talent ( based on user interviews, I extracted pain points insights that are crucial for our clients - category, talent, location).

When it comes to uploading a brief- I structured it in a way that makes it enjoyable for the users - using suggested locations, tagging, as well as adding hints. They can also favorite videos or profiles they’ve liked to speed up their process but also have the ability to share the videos they’ve liked to convey their direction.


information architecture


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After few meetups with the stakeholders (business + users), we focused on a direction that ensures filmmakers are still anonymous so they wouldn’t be contacted outside this platform ( ruining the business model) but also designing a site that’s easy, fun and most of all intuitive.



The project is currently in MVP phase for early adopters. Philips and Jet Blue amongst other start up companies signed up to CH. CH’s Founder recently reached out to me to continue iterating based on user feedback!