I worked with 1800Flowers to improve iOS app & website between 2015 2016 (9).gif

I worked directly with web + app Product Managers to improve user’s experience

Nadine Razzouk | Product Designer




I was asked to keep existing information architecture but give their branding a visual lift.

Desktop HD.png

I wanted to ensure that their branding has consistency throughout all platforms so I mocked up a style guide

Style+Guide (2).jpg

While working on revamping their branding, I noticed that their responsive mobile site does not provide the best experience to sign up so I working on the design change, I also presented them with solutions to ensure retention

Group 46.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 12.21.56 PM.png

I did some quick testing on my friends and they all felt that the colored was overwhelming and crammed. I suggested the following designs (6).gif

1800Flowers still uses my navigation bar designs on their site (both desktop and mobile) which has given them a fresher look.

Also looking at the site, I can see the style guide is still being used which has given them hierarchy and ultimately a better experience for users

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